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LeGusTry is an online marketing and web development agency situated in India and Sweden. At LeGusTry, we aim to provide our clients’ with various business solutions to increase their online visibility. We have a team of digital marketing experts who are passionate about the field of marketing. Our team has a combined experience of 25 years and have managed clients globally in the field of business management, hospitality, manufacturing sector and informational technology. At LeGusTry we aim to give our clients’ an ideal and tailor-made solutions according to their business needs; to thrive digitally and grow online.

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Mehul Shah

Digital Strategist
ms@legustry.com  +919545956565

” Together, we can move the mountains ⛰ “

Aaquib Rayani

Digital Strategist

“It’s about the hopes and dreams” 

Rajat Jain

Digital Strategist

” Start it, or Sky Rocket with me? “

Jonas Van Reis

Digital Strategist

” Där det finns en vilja finns det ett sätt “

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